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Lorenzo Zago, Dr. Sc. Tech. EPFL

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  • Zago L., Stability criteria for light canard aircraft, Thesis, Politecnico di Milano and Pilatus Aircraft Ltd., 1973
  • Zago L., The photogrammetric measurement system for the separation and jettison tests of the ARIANE fairing, presented at ARIANE Structures Symp., Grenoble, Oct 1978
  • Zimmermann K. and Zago L., On the design verification of large flexible solar arrays - first experiences gained, Proc. 2nd Europ. Symp. on photovoltaic generators in space, ESA SP-147, pp. 187-193, Oct 1980
  • Vincent C.R., Zago L. and Ehinger W., Static deformation measurements on a solar array sub-panel assembly, ESA Contract Report 3375/78
  • Zago L., Enclosure and buildings for the ESO Very Large Telescope, ESO VLT Report 46, May 1986
  • Zago L., Design and performance of large telescopes operated in open air, Proc. SPIE Vol. 628 Advanced Technology Optical Telescopes III, pp. 350-359, Mar 1986
  • Beniston M., Hertig J. and Zago L., Analysis and design of the wind-shield for the ESO Very Large Telescope, Proc. SPIE Vol. 628 Advanced Technology Optical Telescopes III, pp. 360-368, Mar 1986
  • Bonneau A. and Zago L., Inflatable domes for astronomical telescopes, Proc. SPIE Vol. 628 Advanced Technology Optical Telescopes III, pp. 342-349, Mar 1986.
  • Zago L., A wind shield for an array of large astronomical telescopes, Proc. 7th Int. Conf. on Wind Engineering, Aachen, West Germany, Jul 1987
  • Zago L., The VLT enclosure, Proc. 2nd Workshop on ESO's Very Large Telescope, pp. 379-401, Venice, Oct 1986
  • Quattri M., Zago L. and Plötz F, Design evolution and performance evaluation of the VLT telescope structure, Proc. ESO Conf. on Very Large Telescopes and their Instrumentation, pp. 127-146, Garching, Mar 1988
  • Zago L., Environmental effects and enclosure design for large telescopes, Proc. ESO Conf. on Very Large Telescopes and their Instrumentation, pp. 855-866, Garching, Mar 1988
  • Hertig J.-A., Alexandrou C. and Zago L., Wind tunnel tests for the ESO VLT, Proc. ESO Conf. on Very Large Telescopes and their Instrumentation, pp. 867-876, Garching, Mar 1988
  • Bonneau A. and Zago L., Design and construction of the inflatable dome prototype, Proc. ESO Conf. on Very Large Telescopes and their Instrumentation, pp. 815-830, Garching, Mar 1988
  • Zago L., Latest studies lead to revised design of the VLT enclosure, in The Messenger - ESO, pp. 7-8, No. 52 Jun 1988
  • Zago L. & Rigaut F., Wind turbulence in the dome of the 3.6-m telescope, in The Messenger - ESO, in No. 55, Mar 1989
  • Zago L., The VLT in the wind tunnel, in The Messenger - ESO, No. 56, Jun 1989
  • Zago L., Near-ground seeing on an interferometric platform, in The Messenger - ESO, No. 59, Mar 1990
  • Alexandrou C., Hertig J.-A. and Zago L., Wind tunnel tests on a large astronomical telescope, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 41-44 (1992) 1483-1493
  • Zago L., The choice of the telescope enclosures for the VLT, in The Messenger - ESO, No. 70, Dec 1992
  • Noethe L. and Zago L., The Strategy of the ESO VLT with respect to wind buffeting, Proc. ICO-16 Satellite Conference on Active and Adaptive Optics, Garching, Aug 1993
  • Lorenzo Zago, Ph.D. thesis: The effect of the local atmospheric environment on astronomical observations, Thèse No. 1394 (1995), Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.
  • Lorenzo Zago, Engineering formulae for local and dome seeing, Proc. SPIE Vol. 2871 pp. 726-736, "Optical Telescopes of today and Tomorrow", Mar 1997
  • Lorenzo Zago, Pierre Genequand and Ivar Kjelberg, Application of flexure structures to active and adaptive opto-mechanical mechanisms, Proc. SPIE Vol. 2871, p.127-135, "Optical Telescopes of today and Tomorrow", Mar 1997
  • Lorenzo Zago, Pierre Genequand and Ivar Kjelberg, Resistor-damped electromechanical lever blocks, Proc. SPIE Vol. 3327, p.370-377, "Smart Structures and Materials 1998: Passive Damping and Isolation", Jun 1998.
  • Lorenzo Zago, Pierre Genequand and Joseph Moerschell, Extremely compact secondary mirror unit for the SOFIA telescope capable of 6-degree-of-freedom alignment plus chopping, Proc. SPIE Vol. 3352, pp. 666-674, "Advanced Technology Optical/IR Telescopes", Aug 1998
  • Lorenzo Zago and Serge Droz, A Small Parallel Manipulator for the Active Alignment and Focusing of the Secondary Mirror of the VLTI ATS, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4003, p.450-455, "Optical Design, Material, Fabrication and Maintenance", Jul 2000
  • L. Zago, Ph. Schwab and D. Gallieni, Development and testing of a high-precision, high-stiffness linear actuator for the focus-center mechanism of the SOFIA secondary mirror, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4014, p.392-398, "Airborne Telescope Systems", Jun 2000
  • P. Spanoudakis, L. Zago, O. Chételat, R. Gentsch and F. Mato Mira, Extremely high-resolution tip-tilt-piston mirror mechanism for the VLT-NAOS field selector, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4007, p.408-415, "Adaptive Optical System Technology", Jul 2000.
  • Lorenzo Zago and Pierre Genequand, Electromechanical lever blocks for active vibration isolation, Proc. SPIE Vol. 3989, p.479-486, "Smart Structures and Materials 2000: Damping and Isolation", Apr 2000.
  • Enrique Garcia, Lorenzo Zago and Daniele Gallieni, Special and innovative aspects of the GTC M2 drive mechanism, Proc. SPIE Vol. 4837, p.448-455, "Large Ground-based Telescopes", Feb 2003
  • S. Michaud, M. Dominguez, U. Nguyen, L. Zago, S. Droz, EUROBOT End-Effectors, Proc. 8th ESA Workshop on Advanced Space technologies for Robotics and Automation, ASTRA 2004.
  • Joan Manel Casalta, Joan Arino, Manuel Canchado, Enric Martin-Geijo, Albert Molins, Lorenzo Zago, The Performances of GranTeCan Secondary Mirror Drive Unit, Proc. SPIE Vol. 5495, p.507-517, Astronomical Structures and Mechanisms Technology.
  • Colin Cunningham, Eli Atad, Jeremy Bailey, Fabio Bortolleto, Francisco Garzon, Peter Hastings, Roger Haynes, Callum Norrie, Ian Parry, Eric Prieto, Suzanne Ramsay Howat, Juergen Schmoll, Lorenzo Zago, Frederic Zamkotsian, Progress on Smart Focal Plane Technologies for Extremely Large Telescopes, Proc. SPIE Vol. 5904, p. 281-292, Cryogenic Optical Systems and Instruments XI
  • P. Spanò, F.M. Zerbi, C.J. Norrie, C.R. Cunningham, K.G. Strassmeier, A. Bianco, P.A. Blanche, M. Bougoin, M. Ghigo, P. Hartmann, L. Zago, E. Atad-Ettedgui, B. Delabre, H. Dekker, M. Melozzi, B. Snyders, R. Takke, and D. D.Walker, Challenges in optics for Extremely Large Telescope instrumentation, Astronomische Nachrichten / AN 999, No. 88, 789-814 (2006)
  • Peter Hastings, Suxanne Ramsay Howat, Peter Spanoudakis, Raymond van den Brink, Callum Norrie, David Clarke, K.Laidlaw, S.McLay, Johann Pragt, Hermine Schnetler, Lorenzo Zago, A scaleable pick-off technology for multi-object instruments, Proc. SPIE Vol. 6273, Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy, Jul 2006.
  • Enric Martin Geijo, Joan Manel Casalta, Manuel Canchado, Manuel San Andrés, Rafel Bru, Hector Garcia, Albert Tomàs, Lorenzo Zago, Paul Jeffers, VISTA Secondary Mirror Drive Performance and Test Results, Proc. SPIE Vol. 6273, Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy, Jul 2006
  • Lorenzo Zago, Serge Droz, Livia Racz, Albert Molins, The EMIR detector translation unit: a cryogenic high-precision 3-DoF parallel mechanism, Proc. SPIE Vol. 6273, Optomechanical Technologies for Astronomy, Jul 2006
  • F. Pepe et al., The ESPRI project: Differential Delay Lines for PRIMA, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7013, Optical and Infrared Interferometry, Jul 2008.
  • Lorenzo Zago, Fabien Chevalley, Sebastien Dubath and Jean-Michel Mayor, A novel cost effective metrology system for the calibration of multi‐dof precision mechanisms, ISOT-2011 International Symposium on Optomechatronic Technologies, November 1-3, 2011, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  • Dehua Yang, Lorenzo Zago, Hui Li, Gregory Lambert, Guohua Zhou, Guoping Li, Integrated modeling analysis of a novel hexapod and its application in active surface, Proceedings Volume 8336: Integrated Modeling of Complex Optomechanical Systems, Nov 2011.
  • Lorenzo Zago, Mirsad Sarajlic, Fabien Chevalley, Dehua Yang, Metrology system for the calibration of multi-dof precision mechanisms, Proceedings SPIE Volume 8450, Modern Technologies in Space- and Ground-based Telescopes and Instrumentation II, August 2012.
  • Yichun Dai, Dehua Yang, Lorenzo Zago, Zhong Liu, Dynamic analysis of the active control system for the CGST, Proceedings SPIE Volume 8449, Modeling, Systems Engineering, and Project Management for Astronomy V, Aug 2012.

Listed among "main contributors" of The Design and Construction of Large Optical Telescopes,
edited by P. Bely, Springer 2003, ISBN 0-387-95512-7

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